Seatbelt Pledge – Everyone Goes Home®

If your department has not taken the International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge, please take a moment learn more about the program and sign the pledge online today! Once you have taken the pledge to wear your seatbelt, please continue to support our efforts by spreading the word to neighboring departments in your area. Together we can ensure that Everyone Goes more

This Weekend Events Update

This weekend on Saturday, August 27 is the Phillipston Fire Association 3rd Annual Golf Tournament at the Ellinwood Country Club at 10:00am. On Sunday, August 28 is the Warwick FIremen’s Association’s Annual Muster at the station from 11:00am – 1:00pm. Also on Sunday, is the Retirement Party for Chief Robert Ahern at the Town Park in Sunderland from 12noon more

SJC clarifies Massachusetts Sprinkler Law in Holyoke Case

Massachusetts’ highest court has clarified state law regarding when someone renovating a building must install a residential sprinkler system, in a Holyoke case that has implications for builders and fire officials statewide. The Supreme Judicial Court decision, written by Justice Barbara Lenk, marks the first time the Massachusetts courts have ruled on the sprinkler law. Read more

Volunteer Fire Chiefs: How to prepare for Active-Shooters

Keeping fire and EMS personnel safe in low-probability, high-risk situations like those involving active shooters takes preparation — and a lot of it; here’s what the experts say volunteer chiefs can do to be ready. Three to five minutes. That’s the average duration of most active-shooter incidents. The damage that can occur in just a more

Statistical Reports on the U.S. Fire Problem from FEMA

U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) statistical reports explore aspects of the U.S. fire problem that affect Americans in their daily lives. Primarily based on data collected through USFA’s National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), our reports briefly address the nature and relevance of the specific fire or fire-related problem, highlight important findings, and suggest other resources more

Swansea Fire Department gets New Set of Wheels

With its siren singing, a brand new state-of-the-art fire engine rumbled into Station II on Sunday, ready for service. The kids blocked their ears with their palms when it came into earshot and were eager to get a closer look and climb inside. “It’s a beautiful piece of apparatus,” said selectman and volunteer firefighter Christopher more

Rehab Units

These are tough conditions for firefighting. Rehab is key to firefighter safety. DFS has four Rehab Units around the state to assist local fire departments. These Rehab units are equipped with the resources needed to facilitate proper firefighter/rescuer rehab. They provide: heat, air conditioning, fluids, rehab supplies, and medical monitoring equipment to assist the local more

Dangerously Hot: As Mercury rises, so do Fire Hazards, Health Risks

As temperatures soared into the 90s again Wednesday, locals stuck by fans and air conditioning and dipped in pools and ponds trying to ride out the latest wave of sweltering heat. Some professions are shown no mercy, however. Late Wednesday morning as the mercury just touched 90 degrees, a fire on a South Lawrence porch more

Public Fire and Life Safety Education Conference

Register today for the 22nd annual Public Fire and Life Safety Education Conference on September 26 & 27 at Westford Regency Hotel and Conference Center. This conference will offer a number of workshops that will keep educators moving towards our destination, keeping all ages safe. Keeping Everybody Safe Every Day will include programs for new fire and life safety educators, more

InterAgency Board Releases Active Shooter/Hostile Event Guide

The InterAgency Board (IAB) co-hosted an Active Shooter/Hostile Event (ASHE) Summit II in January 2016 to continue work on this pertinent topic and as a follow-up to the Improving Active Shooter and Hostile Event Response report released last year. The resulting document provides a set of guidelines for municipalities to use to build their own ASHE plans more